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Rex-Tropin Hgh 100iu

Rex-Tropin Hgh 100iu



Rex-Tropin Hgh 100iu  *Important!! please check your spam folder for email sign up and order confirmation* 

With free 10mill water!!

Rex-Tropin presents an exact amino acid sequence replica to naturally occurring human growth hormone (HGH). Rex-Tropin comes in 10IU vials of lyophilized (freeze-dried) powder which is to be reconstituted with plain sterile water. Each Rex-Tropin 10iu vial should be mixed with 1ml of sterile water and is then ready to be injected subcutaneous (under the skin).

100% legit it as taken us 1 year to find a legit source but this is the best HGH on the market please read online reviews about this product.

All Rex-tropin HGH products come with an authentication code that can be verified on their site below


(which only emphasizes the quality control this brand boasts)

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  1. john taylor (verified owner)

    first class delivery service – lightning fast. Nice one

  2. john taylor (verified owner)

    Thanks again, faster than amazon prime. Good product.

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