10 week injection kit

10 week injection kit



10x Terumo 2.5ml syringes

10x 21G Green 1.5″ Needles ( Drawing up needle)

10x 23G Blue1.25″ Needles ( Injection needle)

24x FastAid pre-injection swabs with 70% isopropyl alcohol


Terumo/ BD Microlance 3 – Needles:

– Incredibly sharp

– silicone coated to allow them to advance smoothly

– Thin walls for higher flow rates than budget needles

Terumo 2.5ml syringes:
– Ultra-clear barrels with bold graduation markings
– Silicon lubrication ensures the plunger moves smoothly and evenly.
– There is an effective backstop to prevent accidental withdrawal
– Minimal residual volume
– PVC & Latex-free


Terumo & BD are the world leaders in the design and manufacture of syringes and needles. They meet all relevant European requirements, ISO Standards, and are CE Certified. All items are sterile and are supplied in individually sealed packs.


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