Melanotan 2

Melanotan 2


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1 x Melanotan 2 10mg (1 vial)

1 x Injectable Water (2ml vial)

10 x Syringes (for injections)

10 x Alcohol Wipes

Originally developed with a view to treating skin cancer, Melanotan 2 is presently being used as an effective melanogenesis or in simple terms, tanning peptide. It is a synthetic analog of the naturally occurring alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone. Due to the presence of metabolite Bremelanotide in Melanotan 2 has powerful magic libido and sexual performance-enhancing capabilities. This is primarily because of its aphrodisiac effect on the hypothalamus of the user.

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, it is supposed to contain effective fat loss properties. It acts on your body so as to reduce appetite, by targeting the appetite-suppression receptors in the brain. And eventually, it results in weight reduction. Over the years, Melanotan II has become one of the most popular sunless tanning peptides in the market.


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